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The ultimate in adding a gravity challenge to your workout. Using springs to create resistance, the Cadillac exercises are mainly used for stretching the body, articulating and strengthening the spine.

The Wunda Chair

The Wunda chair is a wonderful piece of equipment . Also using the resistance of springs, it is a great and rewarding challenge for more advanced Pilates work. It is basically a box with a large pedal on one side that can be pressed down against the resistance of springs.


The mat is the most basic piece of equipment in Pilates. It is economical because it only requires your own body weight for resistance.

Ladder Barrel

Strengthening and stretching at the same time is one of the specialities of the Ladder Barrel. While working on alignment, it excels in allowing clients to reach their maximum range of motion without resistance or external pressure. Offering another approach to some exercises done on other equipment, it gives clients alternatives and choices into their routine.

Foot Corrector

The foot corrector is like a miniature saddle on a spring that you push down with you foot. It builds up the muscles that control the feet in order to give a stable base of support to the body structure (joint-alignment ) and for the body weight (just like the foundation of a house). Excellent tool to work on mis-aligned feet or other problem areas like sunken arches.

the Wall Unit
The Reformer

Is an amazingly elegant machine which works like a bed sliding on a pulley system, using spring resistance and straps, to provide a wide range of finely tuned exercises that allows one to work very precisely to assist and develop the powerhouse, good alignment, and flexibility.

 Electric Chair

The Electric Chair enables a greater balance, alignment and control of the body.


The Pilates spine corrector Barrel was designed by Joseph Pilates to be used as a way to open the chest and correct the curvature of the spine for a better posture. Also used to develop both arms and legs, this soft shaped piece of equipment can challenge the fittest. the smaller version of the spine corrector, the small barrel is a progressive tool to enhance breathing and develop flexibility.


The Pedi-Pole was created by Joseph Pilates to help an opera singer improve her performance. The exercises on this apparatus improve posture, increase breath control and alignment. It is also used by clients to challenge balance and control.

the Armchair

most commonly called 'the baby chair," it uses the lightest springs making it the favorite for a weak or injury recovering  upper body. Its a fantastic tool to strengthen neck and arms giving a great feedback to the shoulders.

For a more advanced workout it becomes a real challenge for the center of gravity due to the backrest  forward movement which deepens control trough your core. 


Magic Circle

The Pilates magic circle is a ring made of flexible metal and rubber, about thirteen inches in diameter, with small pads on either side . It provides gentle to moderate resistance in an exercise and gives the body feedback as to where it is in space and which muscles are being used. Use it as well to challenge your mat work out.

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