Who can benefit from Pilates? 


The Pilates method is suitable for men, women and children (from 14 yrs of age) regardless their current fitness level.

The exercises can be modified to meet each individual specific need. This insures every day movements are improved and performed optimally. 

Therefore the method makes an excellent foundation for any form of activity or exercise. Whether you are an office worker, a professional athlete, a mum-to-be or a senior citizen, you will achieve true peak performance through this holistic form of body conditioning.

Pilates has also many health benefits for the practitioner who cannot join a traditional fitness regimen due to arthritis, chronic back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes or high blood pressure. It is also highly effective in preventing injuries or for rehabilitation.

It is a wonderful help for pregnant and post-natal women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles or to recover body shape and tone after pregnancy.

And among dancers and athletes the method has shown to greatly enhance performance and reduce injuries.

Pilates is for everyone who wants to improve their health and be happy.


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness".
Joseph Pilates.



Benefits of Pilates


The Pilates method trains the body to be healthier, stronger and leaner.

With the regular practice of Pilates, you perform everyday activities like walking, lifting, climbing stairs with more ease, grace and confidence.

The aim of Pilates is to:

Improve    balance, co-ordination, concentration, blood circulation and breathing.

Promotes   better posture, weight loss and balanced muscle development (better body alignment).

Develop      core strength (abdominals), muscles without bulk.

Increase     flexibility (with greater range of motion in the joints), muscle tone, energy and body-awareness.

Prevent       and reduce the risk of injury. 

Protect        the health of your spine and skeleton with gentle weight bearing movements.

Decreases   stress and tension in the body.

Reduce        or alleviate pain associated with poor posture (back and neck pain).



You look better, you feel better, you move better and it shows!

Joseph Pilates.


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